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Bhuana Agung Performances

A story told through ‘Sampah Puppets’, blending cultural and environmental elements, along with creativity and fun!

Sampah Puppet Workshops

Turn your trash into fun! Make your own ‘Sampah Puppets’ out of recycled materials.

Meet the Super Funky Artists

Get to know our Super Funky team, in all its playfulness and funkyness!

Sampah Puppet Creative Process

Discover how we make the Sampah Puppets, learn techniques and share the creativity.

Cultural, creative and environmentally aware workshops and performances.

Sampah Puppets performances and workshops offer, in particular to young people, valuable lessons about waste management, as well as basic information for improved health and hygiene practices.  This group combines Balinese culture and creativity to present important environmental and health based messages.

About Us

Our group has years of experience in puppetry combined with Balinese performances. We have contributed to numerous projects that blend education, the environment, culture and creativity together. We are available for taking on new workshops, projects and performances. See our online portfolios, tutorials and performance excerpts through the links to YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram or get in touch via our contact details.

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